At the moment, I’m grateful that JORDY released the poignant ballad “i get high“. This is a song that vastly helps with getting the week started on a quieter footing than is typical of a Monday. And, especially since last week didn’t turn out as I had planned and where I needed to take a couple of days out to recuperate after a non-serious bout of illness.

Enough about me, more about JORDY!

I ponder on each occasion when he releases something new. What place will this music take me next? The answer I invariably get from listening to JORDY’s songs is he is taking me a step deeper, lyrically than he has gone before. His willingness to open up and share his innermost feelings on topics not spoken about readily enough is where he makes a big impression. In “i get high” a song written about why he smokes. The style he eloquently promotes is heartfelt as he confesses to his use of weed.

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From a song built on heavy emotions, confessions and declarations, he shares

“I could be out with a stranger. Home with someone I love. Could be when I’m feeling good or feel like I’m not enough. So I get high.”

“I just wanna live, I just wanna love, feel just a little less bad So I, I get high.”

No doubt this song took a lot. The tell-tale, deep exhale before he commences opening up and into the full flow of the song, bares emphasis to this in effect. Along, with ‘the’, from the heart account of this disclosure and the direct approach he uses with the lyrics. In these sentiments shared, the utmost sense of poignancy is felt. We understand the sense of dumbness and the pain he feels. The craving for a longer-lasting slice of happiness. In the hope that this might outlive the sad and bad stuff. JORDY remains hopeful and has found a way to achieve and experience happiness. Not necessarily by advised means, but with his chosen dopamine hit nonetheless.

There is nothing more fitting to accentuate these moods than a no-thrills music video.

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