I have Myylo to thank for introducing me to JORDY Since I was unaware of the up-and-coming pop artist until he peeped up as guest vocalist on Myylo’s recent, tender affecting, effort “Tuck your head the covers.” The song showcased a different approach from Myylo. The lyrics of the track revealed, especially kind-hearted and poignant touches in the narrative which were no doubt brought about by the combined influences of these two singers. I have since been interested to see how JORDY implements such traits into his tracks as well. I didn’t have a long wait, to find out what JORDY’S music comprises of since he released “All Good” immediately before the festive holidays.

In terms of the musicality of the track, it is awash with, soothing strokes of melody and sonics. Maybe, it doesn’t take any risks but, is embedded with the sounds and stylizing of current trends. It is the lyrics which give life to this song, and they are steeped in genuine heartfelt emotion. But seriously, I am not the best person to talk about what is going on in this song, JORDY is. Conveniently he’s provided, a comprehensive breakdown of the song narrative, shared in way of, a, cute as, behind the lyrics, video. (Shared below.)

I hope you had the extra spare minute to check out the, behind the lyrics footage, but if not, basically, the premise of the track is, it’s all good not to be all good. Which is again, a topic that has extensively been covered in music circles during the last eighteen months or so. Yet, JORDY’S open and relatable spin on the topic, with the help of co-writers Ryan Tutton and Emily Vaughan provides a particularly sensitive and vulnerable look into the situation at hand. All that is required of the music video is a tastefully, shot piece documenting the singer caught in his feelings and processing his thoughts. That we observe the healing process taking place in full effect. Which is just as well because this is precisely what, we receive in the emotive, visual, shot and edited by Patrick Naughter and Henry MacLean.

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