Photo: Marc Sethi

It’s time to add a visual element to the Lovestarrs current single “Somebody Like You”.

A track so unforgivingly upbeat and electronic-pop dizzying that without so much of a shadow of a doubt, quite burns a smile onto our chops as when we realise we’ve reached FridayYAY!

Sarah and Hamish have brought out a real pop-hearted package in the guise of sophomore single “Somebody Like You”. As additional too it’s fun-loving vibe through-out. The track at the direction of Sarah’s playful seated vocals, be-set by a tone of Lily Allen chirpy likeness. Is the carrier of the openly honest and heartfelt emotions rising up, of falling smitten for your best friend whose already suitored up and to be frank probably a bit blindsided by that.

However as Sarah puts it herself ‘Somebody Like You’ is about “about falling for your best friend, who is unfortunately taken. On one hand, you are happy that your friend has found love, but on the other, you are bitterly sad it’s not with you. It’s about wanting to find somebody who has all of their qualities

Confetti and pastel plushness are put to good use to bring this achingly, love reflective situation around into the visual sphere. And I can guarantee you’ll certainly see a spot or two before your eyes as there’s more dots on Sarah and Hamish’s clothing choices than probably ended up in a frame of 101 Dalmations, edited animation.

That’s OK polka-dots are very cutesy and appear much like clothing blowing bubbles, which is like totally a fun and amusing slant to the white collar brigade of shirt wearers.

The real reason behind the change-up in swapping fashion statements here though, has everything to do with playing with identities.

I think Lovestarrs totally proved a point in a most quirky way. That only they could pull-off with such saccharine sweet charm, whilst giving an overload of visual cuteness into the bargain.