The evolution from The Good Natured to the Lovestarrs continues a pace set on course firstly by the strapping synth euphoric debut of “Get Your Sexy On”, the pop trio show out a bit more crunch on “Bullet” which serves as the first taster from the incoming 5 track EP release “Supernova”.

A touch doused in the glitter glam indie pop direction, the keys take a back role on this one as the melody steerage on “Bullet” is taken over by the pattering of drums and the wiry twang of guitar buzz, all of which sit comfortably around Sarah’s alternatively suited ballsy pop vocals.

For all the punchy alt-pop stirrings it is lyrics such as “You keep chewing that same gum, I got flavours all night long. You keep beating that same drum, mine is louder than King Kong” that majestically tower in importance above the frenetic clattering character of this headbangingly impressive track.

We suspect there will be more twists and turns in judderging pop sounds coming from the Lovestarrs as further tracks off of the “Supernova” EP are unveiled, which is just what we wish to hear from these three lovely creative pop folks.