A lot has been happening in the world of the Lovestarrs and there will be plenty more to follow on too!

For now we have been reveling in the spruced-up release of “Get Your Sexy On” but Sarah and Hamish and their new label DEFDISCO are keen for us to hear something else of new music from themselves. So they are only too obliging to unleash “Get Your Sexy On” B side “Drop Dead Gorgeous” to our awaiting ears.

I have more than a sneaking suspicion that somewhere on a playlist listened to by the Lovestarrs that we’d find among the listings the Fine Young Cannibals track “She Drives Me Crazy” because “Drop Dead Gorgeous” really does strike up some similarities to this! No bad thing that it does so, as it plays in so neatly into the duo’s 80’s pop procured aesthetic.

There will be a whole new audience who are listening in to this that haven’t heard of the Fine Young Cannibals, and they’ll just as easily be able to get onside with its sassy playful nature, in the here and now.

In every way pop appealing. Sarah and Hamish are truly out of the gate as the Lovestarrs by dropping invigorating, electronic wielded, impacting tracks like this.