Sarah, Hamish and George, the cool as you like three piece that make up alt-pop trio Lovestarrs are ready to push their debut “Supernova” EP out into the pop buying market.

It comes in the wake of taster tracks, “Get Your Sexy On” and “Bullet” and lead track “Life Is A Bitch” gives an altogether different feel of pop grooviness from the band of the likes we haven’t heard from them before. Since “Life Is A Bitch” is a sun soaked and wry combination of tropically impacting melody and candidly playful lyrics.

Here is a track that will already have its hooks into you before even arriving at the chorus! First conjure up the image of the band marooned on a desert island with just a Lily Allen record as their sole possession; as it goes some way in conveying the whole similarly radically open and forthright approach leaping out of the super dooper pre-chorus tag line, which goes “If you’re happy and you know it, life will bite you in the ass’

Oh yes the LovestarrsLife Is A Bitch” is such a wheeze, fuelled by a tropical breeze of gently undulating electro pop beats actually. Infact, it’s just our favourite kind of wonky pop altogether.

Before we love and leave you to get all up in “Life Is A Bitch”, we thought to throw in a bonus mention also of a rather well worth having FREE DOWNLOADDukes Up” which comes via subscription to the bands mailing list and is also streaming below.