Photo: Marc Sethi / MUA: Lara Himpelmann

Lovestarrs have a new video!

We have been down this road before. We witnessed just what a journey it has been for Lovestarrs to get their music out to their awaiting fans of previous incarnations. There are so many strengths that Lovestarrs bring us and they cannot be faulted upon, not least for a fighting spirit and determination!

A resoundingly successful Kickstarter campaign has allowed the band to pursue their music endeavours, most importantly, own their recordings this time around and allow them to be backed by their new label DEFDISCO, which of course, is just the icing on the cup-cake for the glam pop duo.

To see them on a firm footing, Sarah and Hamish have returned to their earliest Lovestarrs release, the authoritative, universal love anthem “Get Your Sexy On”, where they are giving it a bit of spruce up here and there.

The biggest tweak of all being that it’s been furnished with a totally, sparkling all new video to breathe new life into the familiar stirrings of the song.

Love cannot hide in this new visual, it is everywhere!

From striking up suggestive glances to flirtatious interactions, its one great big love fest culminating in an orgy of snogging. At the very least a room full of shiny happy people locking lips conveying the outright message the song gives. Love knows no boundaries!

Now be honest with yourselves EQ’s, aren’t you just filled up to bursting point with fuzzy feelings already? Just know we all here at EQ Music are exploding in rainbow colours right now.