Lovestarrs 1

Now the button has been pressed on pumping out new music, the Lovestarrs are literally quite unstoppable in their tracks, or better put, the releasing of them!

As if Sarah and Hamish haven’t already had us captivated in their audience, by power of the Lovestarrs perky pop, doused in glam and glitter. These two waste no time in keenly following up with a further vibrant and quirky natured offering titled, “Somebody Like You” which only pours on more of their tried and tested formula for bubblegum, kitsch levered tuneage.

Coincidentally, Kitsch happens to be one of our favourite flavours of bubblegum, so the Lovestarrs are really playing into an area that we enjoy, and that has the capacity to grow big smiles from one of our music filled ears to the other of our music filled ears.

We know just what it is that Sarah and Hamish wish to sing about, because the not so subtle clue is already twinkling away in their chosen band name of the Lovestarrs. However, on “Somebody Like You” these two commit themselves to going a whole lot bigger with the embracing of playful pop abandon than they have entered into before.

Showing out to everybody that listens in, their ability to stamp out an instantly memorable chorus, ripe for scoring crowds of audience singing participation onside. Make no mistake about it, Lovestarrs are revived in a very fun-loving and energized light which seems unreservedly administering feel-good vibes aplenty.

All we can add to this is, BRING IT ON!