I hope that between summer vacations, days out or just enjoying the summer sun. EQ music blog readers will have caught up on some of the recent Georgia posts covered on the blog.

Also, I am hopeful that maybe lots of you have been enjoying Georgia’s latest album, “Euphoric“? If you haven’t yet, I urge you to grab a listen as soon as you can. It’s seriously packed with electro-dance-pop goodness. Even though she released “It’s Euphoric,” “Give It Up For Love,” and “All Night” as singles. There are still so many tracks left that have the potential to be focus singles. Her first post-album release, “Some Things You’ll Never Know,” is out now. Although, I trust it will not be the final promotional track she shares before the UK and Europe tour gets underway in November and December. (Dates & ticket information HERE).

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Georgia and her collaborator and producer Rostam have created a captivating album with “Euphoric.” In fact, one of the standout tracks, which is “Some Things You’ll Never Know,” combines piano house and trance. Thus creating a late-night vibe perfectly befitting for a pre-night out banger. This song’s energy makes it a great candidate for a music video. Georgia has done just that with a vibrant visual clip directed by K Lamb of MrMr Films. Therefore, choosing a fun and relatable concept that perfectly complements the song’s infectious groove was paramount. While searching for love, in the clip, Georgia embarks on a speed-dating adventure with her supportive girl pals by her side.

Elaborating on the song concept Georgia says: “Sometimes there’s beauty in what’s left unsaid, and that we can’t control the future – this song relishes that. I want people to dance in the face of life’s uncertainties.”

I absolutely loved and will continue listening to Georgia’s, “Euphoric” album. She achieved her goal of establishing herself as a unique left-field pop artist. Two tracks that stood out to me were “Give It Up For Love” and “Some Things You’ll Never Know.” These songs genuinely highlighted her talent and helped to establish her new sound.

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