I feel as though I have been to a few Georgia shows but, actually have not been to any Georgia shows at all. Well, not in the usual sense. I did tune in for quite a number of the numerous Instagram live stream performances she put on last year during the early days of being ordered to stay at home during the first lockdown. These energetic, often lively sets definitely helped with keeping me uplifted and entertained. More than a year on, Mercury Prize-nominated Georgia continues to oblige with euphoria-inducing new tunes. Written in lockdown. “Get Me Higher” – the collaboration with German-Irish DJ-producer David Jackson is the perfect antidote to all the months isolating and adhering to restrictions.

I can’t describe the song any better than David Jackson, who says,

“Making “Get Me Higher“, we wanted to create something that embodies that carefree feeling of running back out into the world, hugging your friends, and dancing like nobody’s watching. It’s like a primal scream that makes you realize we’re at the end of this long dark tunnel, about to re-enter the dreamscape we once called reality. Pure euphoria, pure love!”

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It sure has been a long time since we were permitted to meet up in groups, but hopefully, we will not have forgotten how to party nor how to dance our cares away as live venues and clubs start to open up. Nevertheless, Georgia is giving us a little refresher of what an adrenaline rush surging through our veins feels like when an irresistible, groovy dance track gets played at the club. Tracks like this almost beg us to move our bodies and dance. Georgia and David have really captured the vibe on the track and in the video. Because if we need a few pointers about letting our inhibitions go Georgia is on hand to guide us with some energetic and freeing dance moves of her own.

Yes, I needed this video and I needed it right now. I have never felt the desire to let loose with such urgency as I do at present. Thank you, Georgia and David for evoking these feelings and raising our spirits higher through the power of an exhilarating dance track.

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