Just as I anticipated. Georgia has unleashed another teaser track in the lead-up to the release of her new album “Euphoric.” From the beginning of the album campaign, she promised that her music would take a dancefloor-oriented direction. And it seems like she’s delivering on that promise. Her previous singles, “It’s Euphoric” and “Give It Up For Love,” already hinted at a departure from the electronic-pop sound of her last album “Seeking Thrills.” Her latest focus track, “All Night,” is unquestionably the most dancefloor-ready song yet. It’s the perfect summer anthem that will make you want to put your hands up in the air, and dance all night long! (as the song title suggests.)

But hold on a second. Immediately upon hearing “All Night,” something else catches the ear. The vocals have a certain sparkle with just a touch of vocoder here and there. However, these are not so distorted that we are unable to recognize her voice. It almost seems like a nod to Daft Punk, as if Georgia drew some inspiration from their music. In her previous track, “Give It Up For Love,” she mentioned how the All Saints hit “Pure Shores” influenced her. It’s clear that while working on her latest album “Euphoric,” Georgia has been inspired by many contemporary figures in pop and dance music.

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In fact, when sharing the animated lyric video for “All Night,” I noticed some undeniably cool space disco vibes in there. I think therefore, it is safe to assume that Daft Punk was most probably an inspiration for this track. Ultimately, Georgia’s message behind the song is incredibly powerful too. She wants people to feel inspired and empowered when listening to it. I totally get that. Without a doubt, the song is a celebration of life and all the amazing things the world has to offer.

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