Erik Hassle

Swedish singer / songwriter Erik Hassle is easing us into a new chapter of music that will intensively gain momentum early next year via the realisation of his fourth studio album “High Ground”.

Erik is definitely moving us in early on this one, and he’s doing so in a super sleek style which is certainly raising the bar a level more on that of his accomplished previous efforts.

We saw Erik break into a rather upbeat and quirky fashion this summer as he gave good pop splendour on “No Words”, onwards from this Erik is reverting back to the style that we know suits him so well, of soul funkateer.

Onside, Erik has his trusty co-writer Daniel Ledinsky once more and stepping into Team Erik Hassle, comes production by Stargate. The result of their studio time together, now bears fruit as the sultry hot, soul-pop ballad “Natural Born Lovers” which appears to have given rise to Erik releasing more than a little of his inner Michael Jackson, if his peachy, top register scaling falsetto is anything to go by.

This visual does everything to heighten the intensity of the free-love embracing narrative.

Erik sets up in a parking lot outside of a motel and it’s fair to say whilst he’s warbling away at the height of his silky crooning, the viewer gets to see a little of that sexy action that is going on behind those closed motel doors.

Shucks, Erik has made voyeurs of us if we’d be wanting to be or not!

As with all of Erik’s work though, this visual has all been done in the best possible taste. For those of us a little peeping tom curious, be knowing that no one on the “Natural Born Lovers” film shoot became struck down with a headache when the camera start rolling.