Erik Hassle has snuck out the supporting video to his lovely pop ballad “Missing You”.

The track which is shimmering from top to toe in emotiveness and which to my mind is very good work indeed. Not only shows Erik off in a brilliant light as an accomplished songwriter but as a super talented vocalist as well.

For me “Missing You” is the stand-out moment from the new album “Innocence Lost”, yet I have to say this, the video is kinda perplexing me. See when I looked at it, the first thought that entered my head was did the director phone in sick? Don’t hate on this remark. As I am such a fan of “Missing You” as a track. Bear with me and hear me out.

I do appreciate the narrative of this track, tackles the emotive state of deep loss and is therefore packed out with a strong sentimental message but I’m not especially happy to be watching a video where for the most part we’re directed to be looking at the back of Erik’s noggin. I just find it all rather odd. It’s one thing to see Erik singing his heart out whilst deep in thought, but quite another to scarcely see him at all, in all but form of an apparition himself. Perhaps that’s the real notion behind this video treatment, for the best part it got lost on me.

Genuinely I dearly love the song though and more’s to the point I proper feel, I need to see Erik’s face when he’s singing it. So here’s a great acoustic version of Erik doing just that and which I consider if they’d gone with this edit it would have made far more sense as a supporting video and I would have been by far happier with the outcome.