Yes I know we kinda smite upon these production featured collaborations as we have had an over-saturated run of them, but on occasion it is prudent to side-step these inhibitions and just roll with what a good track gives out to you.

In my estimation UK production duo Bondax have yet to reach the lofty heights of acclaim in the league of Disclosure or Gorgon City. This doesn’t necessarily mean that even though they have been around for some considerable time now, that the commercially recieved mega moment has passed them by, infact with assistance of Erik Hassle it maybe a realisation fast approaching.

In a world littered with EDM collaborations Bondax and Erik Hassle leap forward with the sensually leaning release “Temptation”. A smoothly presented groover which brings on a fluorescent soul attitude by a noted degree of distinction.

If an album in the vein of this follows on from Bondax, I’m seriously going to be in much more of a happier place than where Disclosure’s good-in-parts “Caracal” took me.