Erik Hassle 1

There’s barely been time for the dust to settle a little since the last Erik Hassle track reveal of “Pathetic” that’s from the impending release of the “Somebody’s Party EP”.

Yet here we are again, being killed softly in the soulful throes of Erik’s mellifluously honeyed vocals and sonically soothing framework of woozy melody aura.

As I recall, over the presentation of the previous two tracks, “Talk About It” and “Pathetic”, I’ve seen fit to pass comment that the vocals were heading into Justin Timberlake and Prince territories, well if I might continue in this top list of comparatives, on “Ready For You”, if I hadn’t known who was singing I would have had no hesitation than to become rather excitable and presume it as a new Jamie Woon track, as this “Wooness” absolutely shines through especially when Erik’s vocals lay exposed on the minimal sub-base of sensualised sonic bedding.

We would have enjoyed a new Erik Hassle EP anyways, but these tracks and especially for me this very one of “Ready For You”, are over and beyond in the degree of anticipated awesomess.