Erik Hassle 1
In just these recent times, we have come to throw a gilded spotlight on a number of new tracks by Erik Hassle (“Talk About It“, “Pathetic”, “Ready For You”), case being that 6 such pieces of sonic funk imagining’s came together on the just out release of the “Somebody’s Party” EP.

Here we illuminate once more upon the soulful derived clutch of tracks by looping in with “Innocence Lost” which also features the up and coming R’n’B talent of Tinashe.

A smokily brooding pop ballad is requiring of an equally sensualised and moodlight video accompaniment, and this is just what the emotionally wrought “Innocence Lost” receives.

Shot in subdued grey-tones with plenty of drifting silhouetted imagery of the two vocalists layered onto a metropolitan backdrop, the track’s overall anguished demeanour is brought to the fore by it’s consistent blend of smoldering vocal tones and aesthetics that co-coherently weigh out through the EP complete.