Little did I know, when I wrote about the London Grammar comeback track “Baby It’s You” in August 2020. I would be echoing almost precisely, the same sentiments nearly, five months later. As the trio unleash “Lose Your Head” as their third lead-in track to the upcoming third album “California Soil.” “Lose Your Head,” which, premiered as Hottest Record In The World on BBC Radio 1 with Annie Mac. Traverses a similar sonic path to that “Baby It’s You” the likeness namely, comes from the magic of, George Fitzgerald production on these tracks.

How this latest track, arrived on the eve of the UK entering a third national lockdown was not, a planned occurrence to soften the effects of a foregone reality. That this glistening jewel of dreamy electronic heaven once again came about when I really needed to reach out for some soothing and altogether stunning. Is the result (I am sure) instead, of mesmerising, spellbinding, magic at work. Replete with a similarly, beautiful, blissful music video. Which instantly filled me with the feelings of hope. That soon the current turmoil we are living with at present, will get better.

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Of course, this wasn’t London Grammar’s intention when writing these tracks for their third album “Californian Soil” which will now arrive, April, 9th 2021. Speaking with Annie Mac, (listen here) Hannah revealed…

“It’s definitely a feminist record. The lyrics are about the female experience.”

Equally with “Lose Your Head“, the overriding mood is soft, yet altogether uniquely empowering. And so happened to be the salve for, a rollercoaster ride load of emotions which happened in just 24 hours, little hours.

Also, the “California Soil” tracklisting was dropped on us. It is hard to pick out which track I’d like to hear next. As they are all sound so evocative.

  1. Intro
  2. Californian Soil
  3. Missing
  4. Lose Your Head
  5. Lord It’s A Feeling
  6. How Does It Feel
  7. Baby It’s You
  8. Call Your Friends
  9. All My Love
  10. Talking
  11. I Need The Night
  12. America

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