I always say this. It is not the first or second single which turns out the best from an album, but most, likeliest occurs with the arrival of the third of fourth offering. Helping me put that theory to test is London Grammar, who in recent months have been teasing the release of their third album “Californian Soil“. Hannah, Daniel and Dominic have dropped three splendid singles already in way of “Baby It’s You,” “Californian Soil” and “Lose Your Head.” Heading up the album release (out 16th April) the band lead-in with a gorgeous, sonic dance-pop effort “How Does It Feel.” London Grammar has never sounded so good.

The track notes a definite progression for the band. It exhibits all of the sweet sounds and breathtaking melodic style we have become familiar with. With assistance from record producer and songwriter Steve Mac (One Direction, The Saturdays, Clean Bandit) the trio expand upon their sonic soundscape further for “How Does It Feel.” The track is in every way an anthem, replete with a rousing melodic chorus. It brings to mind Florence and the Machine because of having a similar ethereal quality, while the sound in essence remains unique to London Grammar.

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Hannah has spoken at length about the theme behind “Californian Soil” being her experiences as a woman (See the Hannah Mylrea interview for NME HERE.) We get to hear Hannah flex some beautiful vulnerability both lyrically and shared in her exquisite vocal. She takes the reins for, the release. Her sublime talent just blows you away. And is nevermore, stunning than on this latest track. I’ve heard four tracks from the “Californian Soil” album thus far, and have been in a continuous state of bliss from what I have heard. Even though London Grammar’s signature style is soft and mellow there is nothing slow burn about these new releases. Their intelligent crafting of pop always makes for essential listening. Dive in. “How Does It Feel” is a pool of blissful gorgeousness and calm.

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