Last night I had the pick of evening entertainment between watching Free to air TV or tune into London Grammar’s one hour YouTube live stream. And the BBC Radio 1 Hottest Record In The World reveal of the trio’s come back single “Baby’s It’s You,” which followed on. Guess what I chose. London Grammar is the kind of outfit who, do not do things by half measures. I had no idea what to expect when I settled down with my evening meal and eyes and ears glued YouTube.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out, Hannah, Daniel and Dominic had gone full-on The 1975 on me, by stretching out the wait. (I recall, The 1975, did something similar to this once.) The hour was filled with a symphony of sonic sounds, lots of imagery conjured up of clouds formations with gentle interruptions creeping in every now again, be it a change of note or Hannah uttering a few of the lyrics of the new song. The experience was extremely magical, cleansing and was a most pleasant complement to my plate load of dinner. If I’d had half a notion the live-stream was going to be quite as spellbinding as it was, I would have also poured out a glass wine and made a real occasion of the single launch.

As I sat with my mind decluttered by the beautifully arranged sounds London Grammar had been streaming into my ears for an hour, straight. The thought occurred, the trio should really consider linking the piece up with a mindfulness app, as this feels the correct placement where this piece of extraordinarily dreamy music rightfully belongs. The clock counted down to premiere and there it was again, Hannah’s breathtaking, ethereal voice. Resplendent like the sun appearing on a grim, rain-soaked day.

How special and precious the music made by London Grammar is not up for debate. The band are purveyors of genuine, exquisite song crafting. It is so lovely to have them back when the world has felt in turmoil. Somehow their return feels like a sign we are slowly beginning to move on and restore some sense of normality. If the worst should happen. I’ll just play “Baby It’s You” over and over to ward off the nasties.

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