It has to be said, I just can’t get enough of this band that produces great music always! Therefore, I am notably excited about the new track “Dancing By Night” by SebastiAn and London Grammar. Their collaboration is just so delightful. In fact, I am sure I am going to have the song on repeat for a while. And coupled with the news that London Grammar is releasing a new remix collection aptly named “London Grammar – The Remixes” on July 21st makes it even more exciting, in my opinion!

Although I am ecstatically happy with all the music London Grammar has gifted us. It totally makes sense that they would announce the remix album project now. I mean, the band is always essential listening for me. But there’s something about an original song on a remix album which gives this track a particularly extra special feeling. Furthermore, the song is also more notable since SebastiAn rarely releases new music.

Working with another producer, such as the French powerhouse SebastiAn introduces another dimension to the trio’s repertoire. His French-touch style meshes perfectly with the dreamy, sonic bliss that the band is known for.

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Dancing By Night,” written by Hannah Reid and SebastiAn, seemingly appears to touch on some of the themes London Grammar previously explored in their song “Baby It’s You.” In that, both songs are discussing the euphoric feeling of connecting with someone during a musical performance. While the finer details differ, the overall message is similar – music has the power to bring people together in unexpected, beautiful ways. “Dancing By Night” is a testament to the enduring power of music to connect us with others and to help us feel alive.

The Remixes” is a collection of some of the trio’s favourite remixes to date, plus a selection of new reworkings from Jamie Jones, Joris Vorn, their own master of synths Dot Major, and a brand-new track in collaboration with Camelphat and SebastiAn.

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