Whether winning at Eurovision or sport, another Italian currently doing their best by coming out on top with a good, new pop offering is Osvaldo Supino. The Milan based independent singer-songwriter has dug deeper into his feelings than before on the release “Lights Down Low“. This time, he seems less concerned about beckoning us over to the dancefloor. Instead, combined with a big hit of pop flavours. We are given a closer look at the emotive side of the singer-songwriter.

“Usually, my records are born from what I listen to while I travel the world for promotions or concerts. This time, I had to search inside myself for a new sound,” says Osvaldo. “That’s why this song is a real combination of these elements. I’m dancing unrestrained, provocative, but at the same time, I’m always looking for a deep emotion. A refinement. An elegance”.

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Lights Down Low” really does mark a departure in sound and styling for him. He wants us to be filled with a sense of drama. So the music video has been shot in black and white to heighten this vibe. He is also sporting some very cool couture looks. Apart from the one brief slip where it appears he’s become tangled up inside a tinsel streamer curtain. (The kind you would find used as a backdrop staple at a DIY disco in the 1970s). Moreover, the mood created by the video echoes the touching and raw sensibilities of the track. Where he openly sings about inviting the hot guy from the club he’s struck up a fascination with back to his place. With the hope for a night of steamy passion between them.

His ever-evolving artistry over the years has kept the awareness about Osvaldo Supino continually growing upwards. If, after all this time, he’s been working up to “Lights Down Low” it’s been a worthwhile journey because it’s a track that sits among his best.

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