Take a look over Dua Lipa’s “Blow Your Mind” video won’t you! because not only is it the epitome of an emerging artist in the throes of their A game. It’s uncluttered but stylishly presented by a cast of sassy women who ooze an aura of empowerment and are at one with their identities.

If that isn’t some kind of sexy we don’t know what is to be perfectly honest. It’s not all about stepping out decked up in high end fashion that maketh a woman, confident and strong minded after all!

Having said that Dua and her gurlfriends light up the screen with their self-assured image of womanliness and overall radness by dancing and cutting-up-shapes as they navigate through the heart land of London Town’s, cultural epi-centre.

A theme of celebration and being true to who you are plays out in succinct alignment along to the rumbling dance pop bleats of the song. It’s everything that’s needed here if you ask us. No more, no less just the right amount of on-point attitude matched up with a phenomenally, stellar sounding pop song.

Reasons enough why it made it onto our September “This Is Beat Poptronik” playlist accompanied by 25 more mind blowing electronic pop tunes.

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