Dua Lipa lo res

Dua Lipa is an emerging artiste with an aura of exquisiteness about her, which readily becomes apparent when she strikes into a harmonious burst of verse.

The young singer-songwriter first impacted upon the music scene this summer debuting with “New Love”, an alternative leaning pop song which keenly explored the similarly brooding vibes brought about by the Lana Del Rey management team Dua is assigned with.

I for one, wasn’t so much on the same page of praise regarding the moody pop aesthetic of “New Love”. I did however, feel there was a sense of darkly enigmatic quality surrounding Dua’s overall performance, which would perhaps put my initial thoughts up for reconsideration at the point when new material surfaced.

Unleashing her sophomore focus single “Be The One”, Dua has this time won me over into her captivated audience by the inherent whimsical musicality of the track along with her hypnotically imposing smokey vocals, which preside over the tumbling accentuated beat.

When “Be The One” hits the chorus it totally comes alive in a splash of colour and joyful release, wending its way to get under your skin and pulse it’s rhythmic motion outwards in responses of finger clicking and toe tapping.

Powerfully mesmerising by its overall dreamy atmosphere, Dua Lipa just proved herself to be compellingly fascinating to us in tones of organically spacey rapture.