After being every bit obsessed with the recent Billy Cullum track and video “Kiss Away” (where for the video he brought in his co-star from the Russell T Davis TV drama “It’s A Sin“, actor Omari Douglas) he is back with another treat in store for my ears and eyes. The follow-up release “Hard Heart Work” is a continuation of a new aesthetic for Billy where he is openly embracing more authenticity than ever. I have to say this, he is sounding so very good these days. I may have made this comparison before (I feel like I have) his vocal is becoming more and more Will Young like, I swear, every time he releases new music.

Billy says: “The song is about the struggles quite early on in a relationship. It plays with the conflicting questions, should I stay and work on this? or should I bow out before I lose it?”

The track itself is sonically led and very dreamy. Lands somewhere between the style of a ballad and teetering on the brink of being upbeat. The track is not chillwave but is nonetheless soothing and chill. By way of describing it if it were a kiss, it’s not a hot and steamy snog, more of a softer, light but no less pleasurable, gentle kiss on the neck.

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The exquisite Darius Shu directed music video with choreography from Leanne Pinder see’s Billy dancing through his struggles. He commits to a stunning routine that brings on the sensibility he’s confused about which way to turn as it looks as though an invisible force is pulling him in different directions. I’m kind of conflicted whether Billy might have been following in Baby Queen’s footsteps and filmed the clip around the area of Dover beach, or further down the coast in Dorset. Nevertheless, while no man is an island, he managed to snag a whole beach for himself. Whereas could you imagine the comparison if he filmed this, last weekend. We would be seeing him waltzing through an array of parasols and sun loungers. Perish that thought.

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