I recently wrote about the moving and empowering Billy Cullum track “Gold.” While noting that it was the opening song of his sophomore album era. However, I didn’t have any further information about the album release. I’m happy to report that Billy’s album has a title, “Whatever Happened Next,” along with a 30th June release date, and it’s now available for pre-order (HERE). Additionally, Billy has just released the follow-up single to “Gold,” titled “Twisted.” Even though the two songs are musically diverse, they do a stellar job showcasing another side of Billy Cullum’s artistry.

The two tracks have significantly different vibes. While “Gold” was a really uplifting and positive song, “Twisted” is shades different. It has a much darker tone and is full of angst at times. Notably, this is because the track reflects on a past relationship and the mixed emotions that come with thinking about someone you broke up with.

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“Pictures and memories leave beautiful images in our minds but can also leave stains of pain. I think the idea of hating loving someone is so painful yet the thought of loving hating someone is so dark and dangerous”. Billy explains.

The new song by Billy is quite a departure from his usual sweet-natured style. Evidently, he’s been holding onto some intense emotions for quite some time. He’s never been more open in his lyrics than on “Twisted,” which is a searingly honest account of his tipping point. The cutting lyrics make for a milestone track that wholly captures the emotional intensity of the moment. The music video is also quite powerful, with its conscious use of black and white to convey the toxicity and drama of the situation.

Loss is an unavoidable part of personal growth, as Billy discovers in “Twisted.” Therefore, I believe that in his forthcoming album “Whatever Happened Next“, we will encounter more poignant life moments woven into his searingly honest songwriting.

It’s worth discovering Billy Cullum now if you’re like me and like sonically dreamy pop.

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