Just like that singer-songwriter, Billy Cullum is in a new music era. To be more precise, his sophomore album era. If his recent songs, the sublime 2021 tracks “Kiss Away” and “Hard Heart Work,” are anything to go by. I have an inkling that Billy is about to share some pretty exceptional music with us. In fact, he has already made an excellent start, revealing the utterly magnificent song and gorgeous video for “Gold.”

As a fan myself, I am so proud of Billy. When noticing that he embraces one hundred per cent authenticity in “Gold“. Opening up like never before, using touching autobiographical lyricism, and courageously expressing his queer, authentic self in the Darius Shu-directed video. Furthermore, pushing yet more boundaries by approaching the song in a thoughtful acoustic folk/pop style. The track is inspirational but also poignant while bringing together all of the elements of a solid pop ballad.

There is a time and place for pared-back musicality and raw, soul-baring folk pop styling. And now is the right time for Billy Cullum to bask in it.

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“This song is to my younger self and a reminder to anyone to live authentically in themselves.” Billy shares.

Reflecting on his younger authentic self. He encapsulates the feelings, of plaintive yearning, in “Gold“. Using lyrics to illustrate the reality many LGBTQIA+ people face when expressing identity and gender.

“Up in my bedroom, the high heels are on. And I’m singing out, “2 Become 1”. With so little time. Little mine. For you to realise. All this could be gone. It’s all we ever know. ‘Till someone tells us no.” (song lyrics)

The illuminating music video is empowering and moving. The powerful and vulnerable nature of the visual clip perfectly captures both the strength and vulnerability of introspection and permeates authenticity.

Billy Cullum grows in talent with every release. There is no doubt he rates very highly as both lyricist and vocalist. Look out for him as he continues to rise.

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