Singer-songwriter talent Billy Cullum has been on the EQ radar for some time. We first noticed his talent almost a decade ago in 2012 and it has been fantastic to observe him develop his music style and artistry over time with tracks such as “Friends” and “Lost In You.” After, taking a little hiatus from releasing music Billy Cullum is back with the incredible “Kiss Away.” A rhythmically melodic track peppered with snappy beats and an immediately unforgettable hook.

“”Kiss Away is about stepping into a relationship with all the fizziness, fear and feelings in-between. It marks the first time I openly celebrate queer love in my lyrics. I love that the first line is “The boy is mine…” You don’t hear same-sex declarations of love often enough in pop music…we need more of it!” Billy shares.

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The track is produced by JMAC (Jamie Mcneal) and written by Billy. I have no hesitation in saying, “Kiss Away” is where Billy’s lyricism has impressively come on in leaps and bounds. I’m so pumped that he’s now embracing more authenticity than ever. It is making Billy shine and helping the music to shine brilliantly. The chorus of the track is quite Bright Light Bright Light-esque so it goes without saying, I think Rod Thomas’s fans should definitely take a listen to “Kiss Away.” I feel certain they will appreciate the vibe, the groove the authentic lyricism as much as I do.

Music isn’t the only artistic profession Billy works in. His roots are in theatre and acting. Most recently, he had a small part in the much talked about Russell T Davis TV drama “It’s A Sin,” playing barman Hector (who becomes another of Richie Tozer’s (Olly Alexander) conquests.) During his time on the show, it appears Billy made a super friend in co-star Omari Douglas who played black queer trailblazer Roscoe. Omari features alongside Billy in the “Kiss Away” music video.

Seeing Billy Cullum truly come alive in the Darius Shu directed clip makes my heart soar. As a long time, Billy Cullum music fan I couldn’t be happier to see him being nothing but authentic. “I feel it’s important audiences hear music that explicitly celebrates love/attraction in all its forms, so I’m singing it out loud and proud!” Billy affirms. He certainly is. It is wonderful to see him out loud and proud and being fabulous. Billy promises new music is coming. I am very excited about this, and you should be too.

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