Listen to “Lost In You” by Billy Cullum

Billy Cullum is an emerging recording artist whom I’ve had my sights on for quite some time. As he’s been making an interesting transition, stemming from a background in musical theatre to that of branching out in tandem with a duel career in pop.

When I first started to hear tracks from Billy Cullum about 5 years ago, it was pretty much indicative within the dramatic scope of his music, where his main background in music lay. Yet the passion and desire to convert to pop was plain in evidence. As such, I sense it’s been the case of striking the right happy balance between his two music loves that has best been acted upon and curated with some precision to achieve Billy’s pop ambitions.

Then last year we got the biggest sneak peek into the material Billy has been working on with producer Alex Bakker, towards his upcoming debut album “Lonely Hearts Club” by way of refreshingly majestical taster track “Friends”. It was clear back then, as is now that Billy was well truly on the path to finding his rightful place in pop, that he’s so been craving. This continues in earnest now and with an ever-heightening presence as “Lost In You”, the first real focus single of the upcoming album campaign makes its way to digital outlets.

In striking out with “Lost In You”, sees Billy Cullum teetering on the edge of the dance pop arena, in the area of the tracks melodical arrangement. Yet, Billy has the foresight to reign back from going all out disco and keep true to his roots with a distinctive alt-pop slant that makes the greatest use of his dynamically fuelled vocal delivery and those theatrical artistic nuances that reach over into Billy’s ongoing, developing pop sound.

What I love about Billy Cullum, is that he’s got quite a lovely quirky streak running through his music which certainly perks up my ears engagingly. He’s coming from a place not many pop artists are known to reach over from. Mores to the point I do think Billy’s coming through with some really, great creditable pop, that’s both accessibly catchy and easy on the ear.

An instantly appealing and enjoyable foray into pop. Bodes well for Billy Cullum and Alex Bakker’s continuing journey into the pop dimension.