Let me begin this blog feature by saying that I completely approve of the newly released music video for latest album lead-in track, “For the Girls“. Even with important narratives to share. When creating, Hayley Kiyoko still leans into her fun side. She has given me plenty to both love and crack a wry smile over in her latest self-directed video clip. (A romantic, queer parody of America’s favourite dating show “The Bachelorette“).

“I love being a woman, and women have always been a massive influence on my life,” says Hayley. “‘” For The Girls” is an anthem celebrating that love, highlighting our strength, beauty, and vulnerability. The music video is meant to reflect that celebration with a sense of humour and an expansive take on whose romantic story gets told”.

The track has been out now for a few days, and I will admit I was uncertain how I felt about it on my first couple of listens. I must admit that the style of the track has caught me off guard. It is not something I was expecting to hear from her. Exuding, quirky, cute and sassy all rolled into one. Hayley delivers upon all of these vibes. The music video was working for me (and to be honest). I have repeatedly watched it many times over since the release on Friday.

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Due to the hypnotic bassline and alluring syncopated rhythms. Now that it’s been five days, the song has also worked on me.

The arrival of “For the Girls” coincides with the announcement Hayley’s sophomore album “Panoroma” arrives on July 29th.

Alongside Calum Scott, Cat Burns and Ariōn. Hayley will co-headline London’s, Pride festivities at Proud and Loud: Celebrating 50 Years of Pride at Royal Albert Hall on June 4th.  Tickets are available for purchase (HERE). 

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