Upon checking the EQ Music Blog archive I found out I last wrote about Hayley Kiyoko in 2017. It really is my bad, it’s been so long since she featured on EQ, and that I didn’t get the opportunity at the time of release to share more about the outstanding debut album “EXPECTATIONS.” Somehow or other, it also transpires I must have been asleep when Hayley dropped the EP “I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit” as well. What a sleepy head I have been. I am pleased to inform our readers, I have finally woken up, or rather that Hayley Kiyoko has me woke again. How so,?…you ask… she’s just put out an absolutely stellar track in way of “Found My Friends.” And, I cannot get enough of it.

““Found My Friends” is a song I wrote during a challenging time when I realised instead of being my own worst enemy, I could actually be my own best friend,” says Hayley. “It’s about discovering and nurturing a strong friendship with yourself. This song resonates even more so, now, with everyone experiencing isolation in quarantine when we still somehow find the resilience to connect with one another, and, find comfort in each other”.

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With this song, Hayley has done such a good job of describing what it feels like to be locked up in our head with our thoughts. That we might forget, we are our own No 1 fan or at least we should always strive to be our own BFF. “Found My Friends” delivers the same pearls of wisdom, mama Ru always reminds us of “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you, gonna love somebody else?” Can I get an Amen up in here EQ’s? What say we make a pact to make this our mantra first thing in the morning…hey, sound good to you? I am kind of feeling better already.

As with her previous efforts, Hayley has once again donned her Director’s cap for the music video. Her aim with this visual was to “capture a moment of being fully present, in the moment and working through a feeling.” I am of the opinion, she achieved what she set out in the brief. I see and sense the sensation of struggle and losing control. It is like she knows she is headed for a burn-out and attempting a last-ditch effort at admirably picking herself back up. It is the most real, act, of bravery we can serve upon ourselves. When we pull ourselves back through the other side, celebrate, give ourselves pat on the back with a rewarding happy dance. Thanks for the life-learning advice both lyrical and visual Hayley Kiyoko. I do not sleep, “Found My Friends” is on repeat.

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