What a great way to sign off the week. Queer pop singer-songwriters FLETCHER and Hayley Kiyoko just released a fun track called “Cherry“. Let me first state. Everyone. And I mean everyone. Should be talking about this fun, flirty bop. If you fail to check this one out. You will have missed out on one of the greatest history-making moments in pop. One which is immensely popalicious in the extreme. Let me put it like this. Every time FLETCHER or Hayley come out with new stuff, I get excited. Both are. Amazing artists, songwriters and great, advocates for the LGBTQ community. And I always know when I listen to one of their tracks (such as the incredible “Bitter” (FLETCHER) or “Found My Friends” (Hayley Kiyoko)). The lyrical narrative will be excellent and authentically turned out.

For “Cherry” these trailblazing artists turn up the heat and some. The FLETCHER, Hayley, and Mary Weitz (Normani, Remi Wolf) co-written track, is unabashedly playful. A flirty, celebratory anthem for the girls who dig girls. They have gone out of their way to authenticate the song with lyrics that leave little to the imagination. An excellent example is found in the chorus. Where they sing… “We should Rendez-vous sometime mon chéri. I want you on top of me like cherry. Uh-uh, cherry“.

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Dear readers of EQ Music Blog. My heart is exploding in all the colours listening to this song. Not only because the track is empowering and liberating. I feel this way because I recall the furore Katy Perry caused when she struck out with her debut effort, “I Kissed A Girl“. I’d really hope for FLETCHER and Hayley with “Cherry” to grab some mass attention to match it. Think about it. Is this really such a mad idea?

To match an achievement on the scale of Katy Perry. These girls need to crack on and give us the video we all now want. I am hoping for a mix of cute and flirty. And provocatively alluring themes. I have my fingers crossed and am wishing hard. I am most interested to see what they come up with.

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