When breakthrough pop artist Hayley Kiyoko premieres another of her self-directed music videos, I know that its concept will bring to light an endearing story which will act in complement to the song narrative it supports. The method has stood Hayley in good stead for two EP releases thus far so, why change up the promotional strategy when it has been proven to work so well for her. This time, the multi-talented Actress/Singer wants us to check out her new song “Feelings“, which is the first track to be unveiled from her highly anticipated debut album.

True to form “Feelings“, is a catchy number which is rhythmically and melodically upbeat, a heartfelt electro-pop tune that builds up and grows on you with every listen. The song follows in the same LGBTQ vein as her previous work on tracks “Girls Like Girls“, “Cliffs Edge“, and “One Bad Night“, which have featured here on EQ Music. The beautiful song and video revolve around Hayley making her feelings known for another pretty young lady she’s been crushing on from afar. From the video, it’s not like Hayley was expecting cupid to strike, she was out for a night with her friends, when the beauty caught her eye. In one heartwarming moment, of courage and bravery from Hayley confidence takes over and her true colours shine out. As does the lyrics, “I walk through this world, just tryna be nice. They say I’ll get hurt if I’m not like ice. I know I’ve got friends, I still get so lonely. That look in your eyes, I want you to hold me.” “I’m sorry that I care, I feel too much.”

All of Hayley’s recent songs show the makings of being gay anthems for the young millennials. The LGBTQ community has a rising star in its midst (there is no doubt about it) and, she’s no shrinking violet her heart is a rainbow. See it. Hear it. Take inspiration from it below.

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