Since covering the Hayley Kiyoko track “Found My Friends” for the blog recently. I vowed, in her new era, I wouldn’t sleep on her again. I suspected with pride month then around the corner, she would soon be back with another new offering anyways. Because honestly, she is such an empowering advocate of LGBTQ rights. I just felt she would be out with something brilliant and special, yet tender and authentic. Call it intuition, the follow-up release “Chance” is all of the aforementioned. A beautiful track about taking a chance on love and seeing where our choices lead us.

Do or die. Sink or swim. These are the odds we pretty much face when taking any risk. The same applies and yet magnifies when making those first steps of entering into a new relationship. Opening up to being vulnerable and fear of rejection often get in the way. With “Chance” Hayley wanted to highlight that if we push past thoughts of self-doubt, we might better recognise how worthy of love each one of us is. Hayley Kiyoko, you are just too precious!, and indeed Lesbian Jesus.

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We also get a video which co-stars acclaimed actress Alexandra Shipp (Love, Simon, X-Men: Apocalypse) for the softly pulsing, electronic pop track.

Hayley has this to say about it.

“I’m always starved for hopeful queer stories onscreen, and I really wanted to direct a narrative that focused on the happier ‘honeymoon’ phase of a relationship. To show what can happen if we take a chance on ourselves and have that love reciprocated. The video is meant to portray those first few weeks, months, or even years when you are utterly head over heels in love with each other.” 

This video really does give me warm fuzzy feelings. The question is how can you watch this video and not be consumed by one of the best feelings in the world. LOVE.

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