There was never any doubt, 2019 is a mammoth, year in music for Christian Burns. He has already hit us with a stunning album, “‡” (Daggers) from his collaborative project All Hail The Silence with producer Brian Transeau, BT. Also continues to tease new material with the band he made his made with, BBMak. Their first album in fifteen years is set to drop in April prior to embarking on the North American leg of their “Back Here” tour. To reiterate what I have said before, I can’t begin to image what Christian’s diary has looked like over the past two years. I feel certain busy doesn’t adequately cover all that he’s been cramming into each and every day. All of that, and there are still new singles such as the new track “Fire + Ice” from his solo career being released as well.

Each project of Christian’s has its own unique sound. When it comes to “Fire + Ice” it follows the path set by the artist’s previous solo releases, in that it embraces a strong EDM framework around it. A sound of hope, tied up with euphoric, uplifting tones and a thumping chorus of electronic beats. This is the singer back in his club/trance zone, providing a heady rush of adrenaline to the dance genre and its groove appreciating fandom.

His voice may be strong and powerful but there is no doubt whatsoever of his versatility as an artist and singer. Whether making a name for himself amongst the cream of the dance music elite. With a track steeped in an epic soundscape as covered by “Fire + Ice” or engaged with a mellower dynamic, blending pop-rock harmonies with his BBMak bandmates Mark Barry and Stephen McNally. Christian Burns is a rare anomaly who comes through like a superstar, every time.

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