How has Christian Burns been getting through the pandemic and lockdowns? By writing, recording, and putting the finishing touches on his next project (due February 2021,) which is pretty much as always the norm for the singer, songwriter, to be honest. During recent months Christian has unleashed a couple of tracks “The Magic” and “The Truth” which lean into evoking more of a chill vibe than we are used to hearing from him lately. With “Alive” his third release of 2020, he weaves poetic lyrics atop a yearning and hopeful progressive electronic soundscape. The vocals also give the track more of a pop edge than were heard on the singer’s other 2020 releases.

His label Blackhole Recordings also formally announce that “Alive” forms part of Christian’s upcoming project. You know, I try to keep the content on the blog as upbeat as I can throughout the change of the seasons. With that said, and the colder winter days starting to take a hold I feel it is the right time and appropriate to reintroduce one or two more expansive and complex orchestrated tracks into our listening habits. Christian does excel in this arena. His versatile vocals and knowledge of colouring tracks with dynamics are what has always made him one of our favourite artists on EQ Music Blog.

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The bond this latest material shares (including “Alive“) is the use of richer, deeper, trance-like sounds. Epic, widescreen beats in style. The full surround sound cinema experience is what “Alive” achieves. With our extensive coverage we’ve run on the blog over the years of Christian, we know nothing he puts his name on will be run-of-the-mill. He strives for perfection and excellence in all aspects of his artistry and rarely falls short of this self-imposed goal. The teasers he’s served, going into the next project indicate we’re about to experience his most intimate, personal work of all. For this reason, along with others, we cannot wait to luxuriate in the full splendour of Christian’s long-awaited sophomore solo album.

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