I always knew this last week was going to see me spoilt for choice with regard to new favourite album releases. There has been so much to listen through. EQ Music Blog favourites Cub Sport have dropped a new self-titled effort, and Monarchy also came through with “Mid:Night” which both served as these bands respective third long player releases. As a total geek for electronic-pop wizardry, the arrival of All Hail The Silence’s debut 14 track double CD and double vinyl LP “‡”(Daggers) comes in as being one of my most hotly anticipated debut releases in years.

I have spoken before about the duo seeking influence from the bands which helped to ignite BT and Christian’s musical creative sparks. From the inception of the band in 2012 and consequently in the making of this album. They have both been vocal about their inspirations that stem from the music of Depeche Mode, Vince Clarke, The Human League, The Blue Nile and Howard Jones. You only have to listen to five seconds of any track on the album, (although, naturally I implore you to listen to it all in its entirety, of course) to be seemingly transported to one of the most important points in time where electronic music revolution began to take hold.

Album Artwork by Gavin Taylor

“‡”(Daggers) has been BT and Christian’s passion project and it is very clear it is such. Not one aspect of the finished product has been rushed. Track running times do not conform to the normal restraints and formulas of a modern pop album with the pieces coming in between five and seven minutes each. This gives a more natural feeling to each track, and that the flow of the album has been allowed to grow ensuring nothing is left unsaid. Because of the aforementioned, the fourteen track collection has it’s, fair-share of epic songs. Album opener “Stand Together” is a rallying anthem which commits to a very Depeche Mode like aesthetic. And elevates the intent of the rest of the long player.

Currently, the duo is revisiting “The Alarm” as their new focus single. It is a track which previously featured on “AHTS” EP. The huge electronic number gets the video treatment. If “The Alarm” existed back in the day I feel it would be giving Ultravox “Vienna” a run for chart glory.

I listened to the album via Spotify but as you may probably be aware the physical products available to own are issued as a double CD and double vinyl LP. If you can afford 90 minutes to immerse yourself in the entire analogue awesomeness the album has to offer. You will notice a dynamic shift exists between the epic, first half of the long player and the seven remaining tracks which breathe softer, relaxing tones. I am loathed to pick out highlights from this labour of love, masterpiece because it is so apparent this is what “‡” (Daggers) is. If pushed to indulge. Further, than the other songs I have previously talked about from the album. Tracks I am fond of, are “Talk“, it will no doubt appeal Chvrches fans too. On my wish-list I’m thinking, a collaboration or a remix with The Human League on “Massacre” would be good. “Black and White” is massively widescreen and euphoric, I am in desperate need to see a video. Similarly, it would seem to be a missed opportunity, if “Video” doesn’t receive a visual film clip to accompany it.

I don’t think anyone else other than Brian Transeau and Christian Burns could make an album like this, in the present. They have afforded knowledgeable musicianship, to match the lyrical weight on this record. If “‡” (Daggers) is any indication, All Hail The Silence are only going to get bigger and better as time goes on.

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