I feel like we are all going to be hearing Christian Burns name mentioned quite a lot on this blog, pretty soon. As first up on the agenda is the singers solo single “You’re Not Alone” and waiting in the wings is also the release of All Hail The Silence debut album with collaborative partner BT, which is to be rolled out in the upcoming months. Hope you didn’t miss the news when it broke a few months ago, BBMak, the band Christian first made his name with, have also reformed and are currently recording new material as well. Strewth there is so much happening, I can’t imagine what his diary must look like, but conclude he must be a brilliant organiser to remember which studio he’s booked into and with whom he’s working with right now.

Also far from being a stand-alone single “You’re Not Alone” is a possible taster of Christian’s new solo album. There is a shift in style evident in this latest work, it is a departure from what the GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter is best known for. Is both deeply emotive and equally atmospheric and most relatably falls into the category of widescreen pop. What it unveils is mesmerising and strikingly ambitious. Replete with a stylishly, hypnotic music video, more compelling to watch than anything we’ve witnessed from him previously.

The sophisticated and futuristic production here is filled with a yearning melody, the lyrics obsess over the past and are presented by classic analogue-sounding synths. If the rest of the solo album follows through in this epically sounding vein, I am expecting that it will hopefully mirror the exhilarating and breathtaking style of this high bar setting, single. I am hopeful on the strength of this track that it will be a long player in which the listener can fully engulf themselves from beginning to end. And in which we are taken to new levels of emotional and sonic depth.

Either way, Christian Burns never disappoints, and quite frankly he’s in another league of greatness with this song.

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