It has been a very long time since I have written about Charli XCX. If my memory serves me right, and after completing a quick blog check. In 2015, I was excited about the album “Sucker“, but I haven’t been especially invested in the pop upstart’s output since. Even though she has been dabbling in lots of new areas of music. To tell the truth, I was left feeling the most recent music releases had lost some of their edge, which had always been there for me before. And that cracking the USA had become the biggest goal on the agenda. I still think there is a big desire for Charli to gain more exposure stateside. However, her pop game also feels stronger than it has been for a long, long time owing to the current Lizzo featured track “Blame It On Your Love“.

The song has been germinating since 2017 where it featured as the mysterious “track 10” on the singers Pop 2 Mixtape. The mixtape edit gave the song a distinctive future forward pop slant. Curiously otherworldy and yet at the same gratuitously electronic. Two years down the line, the song has been tweaked. Stripped of the grandiose electronic elements, ensuring that the chorus does now really pop out as a pop banger should. In terms of chart potential, it is on par with “Boom Clap“. Added pizzazz comes courtesy of Lizzo who has a small feature towards the song’s end.

Charli takes the song’s modern love theme, promoting it in the music video in a way which further celebrates diversity and inclusivity and female empowerment. She achieves this by introducing an evolving hybrid race of otherworldly beings. As a way of establishing that love has many forms. If you were wondering, Lizzo does show up in the video too. Her appearance is brief, nonetheless, her body-liciousness is a scene stealer.

Charli’s third album “Charli” releases on September, 13th. Pre-order, here.

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