When three successful pop artists link-up to form a supergroup every inch of the internet gets excited. When two-thirds of the new collaboration are signed to one of the coolest indie supporting record labels Dirty Hit. With the final third made up of a ferociously boundary-pushing singer, songwriter, music creative, what could go wrong? Let’s take a look at Filipino alt-pop artist No Rome, Charli XCX and The 1975 track “Spinning” which was just released this week.

The hyperpop track has got everyone talking if only because avid The 1975 fans are a bit miffed at hearing Matty Healy way too far in the background for their liking covering backing vocal duties. (Admittedly, the bold production of the track all but drowns out/ overpowers Matty’s contribution). A hard listen will just about pick out the frontman’s recognisable voice.

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The track wasn’t promised as an The 1975 collaboration though. No Rome and Charli XCX, being the bigger perpetrators sharing the word on it. This surely isn’t the time to be splitting hairs about who is pulling their weight since the end result has landed and is a shining example of the PC Music aesthetic. We are familiar with Charli XCX leading the charge on hyperpop tracks, so it makes sense she’s been elected to be front and centre of “Spinning.” The track veers into quite a different lane for No Rome who usually covers chillwave grooves.

With No Rome and Matty Healy and George Daniel (covering production) of The 1975 branching out from their comfort zones. Generating a track that is both fun and a bop. I admire their musicality for wanting to take their music beyond their usual parameters. Just so, we might have a truly joyous, and uplifting pop nugget to devour because we sure are starving to have a proper dance party that isn’t over zoom. “Spinning” is the track we’ll be taking to the gym, to the beach, to the nightclubs when they open up again during the coming months. It is a track in which our feet can lose themselves in wild abandon. The countdown to stomping has begun in earnest.

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