Let me begin this review by saying I am glad I have two ears, as both were very much needed yesterday evening. I’ve never known an hour quite like it. New music, album and concert news from ABBA and that lengthy livestream that went along with it. And a new release from Charli XCX, “Good Ones” (which I was more interested in hearing. Just being honest).

The snippets Charli had been teasing online sounded so good. The final one had me super hyped and intrigued all at once. Why was Charli’s vocal’s giving off Marina-like vibes? I was, salivating and couldn’t wait to find out. (Sorry ABBA. Releasing new songs after 40 years is a big deal and all, but I ducked out on you. The livestream thingie went on too long). Future Sounds on Radio One with guest host Tom Grennan was the one for me. And where “Good Ones” received its first airplay, billed as “Hottest Record In The World“.

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Tom cajoled some hot information from Charli that wasn’t included in the press release. Speaking with Tom, she said, “Good Ones” was “representative of her whole album” she currently has in the works. Revealing that “it leans in more with an 80s pop sound” and cited Janet Jackson and Cameo as sources of inspiration. (Listen to the full interview HERE).

In fact, when listening to “Good Ones” for the first time, I was picking up bits of Eurythmics and Lady Gaga in the melody in addition to the Marina-like vocals in the chorus from Charli. The Hannah Lux Davis music video is just full-on freakishly vampy. Much as you would expect me to describe it. When it features the singer dressed up as a sexy goth while dancing at a funeral ceremony. Shaking her booty in the graveyard and sprawled on top of a headstone and a coffin. They say grief can make you act out of character and do funny things. Seen here, Charli is immersed in the drama of the traumatic situation. The vibe is dark and sinister, but the track is hella hot. “Good Ones” is exactly, what I have been wanting to hear from Charli XCX. If there was an album pre-save link, she could have my money now.

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