When I heard how Charli XCX is spending her time in self-isolation being super productive, I vicariously yelped with joy. She is not writing just one track about her experiences in this time of world crisis but is taking the process a big step further by recording a whole album. The effort, “how i’m feeling now” is slated to arrive 15th, May 2020 and involves working collaborations with fellow artists, producers and creatives over the internet. The debut track “forever” is the result of a team-up with A. G. Cook and BJ Burton who come on board as co-writers and producers of the track.

Upon first hearing the song, it didn’t take long for Charli’s fans to begin commenting on how “True Romance” era, in style this new song is. They (the fans) are totally correct in their remarks, as I thought this as well. The alt, electronic-pop vibes are particularly strong as they similarly were on “True Romance.” My all-time favourite Charli XCX songs “Stay Away,” “You” (Ha Ha Ha) and “You’re the One” came from this period. So to have her circle back and take this sound further forward for “forever” is the equivalent of music kryptonite for me.

forever” speaks a message for each and every one of us during this present time of social distancing, when we are apart from our loved ones. It is an odd feeling not being about to meet up, hang out or call on our close family, relatives and friends. The love we have for these people in our lives just doesn’t go away. As we learn to deal with the fluctuating emotions which are happening to us day by day, it is tough going but really brings home who matters most in each of our social circles. And who will stick by us no matter, what. Knowing that we are all going through the same experiences at the same time, maybe we will emerge from this period being more considerate and kinder to one another in general. A good lesson to be learned from out of all of this turbulence.

As far as new Charli XCX collaborations go, “forever” marks the first of many coming our way during the upcoming weeks. We can look forward to team-ups coming from all creative angles, not just music. For each track release of this project, the singer will invite three fellow creatives to give their own unique interpretations on the visual artwork. Seth Bogart, Regards Coupables and Caroline Polachek start the ball rolling and have assisted on “forever.” Anyone who is creatively minded might want to check in with Charli’s Instagram for notifications and announcements about future opportunities with visual art and content for music video’s.

YES! Charli is a real Queen for helping to keep us busy and focused. We’ve only heard one taste of the “how i’m feeling now” album, and it already feels very special.

LOOK! Here’s Charli speaking about the making of “how i’m feeling now.” (and probably explaining it a lot better than I did ;))

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