I can’t switch either the TV or radio on these days and not find Lizzo pop up somewhere. Ever since “Juice” came out she’s become like an instant media darling and figurehead for body positivity and feminism who everyone wants to chat with. She has such a likeable personality and effervescing presence that you can’t help but smile and feel good. Best of all she’s fighting our corner for the better good of womankind – amen to that. I guess we haven’t heard anything as refreshing and unabashedly candid until the much talked about Missy Elliott collaboration “Tempo” arrived.

From the moment “Tempo” jump starts us with a very Prince-styled opening I just knew this track was going to be special, even though it had been called already just by being aware of Missy Elliott’s involvement. This is a song introduction which really makes the heart stop and one that you’d never quite imagine that you’d hear the like of again. Lizzo’s gone and done it though, and it couldn’t be more amazing. No points for guessing, its the rappers hat Lizzo is wearing on this song. There is no massive melody as such on “Tempo” it is swapped out in favour of rumbling bass notes and the most minimal of musical refrains. This only goes to serve the ladies body positive lyrics be heard with crystal clear clarity.

When you get a verse into the song you become massively aware of how intoxicating it is. The pounding rhythm and the stylistic patterns created by Lizzo and Missy’s vocals are near on hallucinogenic. It’s just the best mix of club heater and rap stomping trap with the briefest of appearances from the singer’s beloved Sasha flute. Maybe we won’t be hearing this one so much on daytime TV in the UK though. Hey, that’s OK, I more than suspect there still plenty of promo opportunities that can be squeezed out of “Juice.”

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