The heat is on to push emerging pop force to be reckoned with Dua Lipa to the greatest exposure both sides of the Atlantic before her self-titled debut album arrives in February 2017. A continuation of the journey which really began to take-off around this time last year, when the fresh faced one stepped out onto the scene with introductory singles “New Love” & “Be The One”.

It says volumes that so shortly after her arrival Dua was favoured upon and selected for the BBC Sound Of 2016 longlist. Not the least that “Be The One” promptly found placement on TV ads and has been cropping up on our telly boxes on the regular. For most people including us, “Be The One” is where we sat up and took notice that Dua could really amount to big popstar status. This track has everything of allure, hooks & melody and a lushness in her vocal that you can easily become lost in a moment, or 3 ½ minutes with.

There is a slight sense of déjà vu occurring around Dua right now. As this year she’s received a nomination for the Brits Critics Choice Award and she’s revisiting “Be The One” by cranking out a new video treatment. To be honest there wasn’t much wrong with the original video, but if you have the opportunity to star alongside such a hunk of an actor as Ansel Elgort (“Divergence”, “The Fault In Our Stars”) and slip behind the wheel of an bling, bling LED encrusted sports car (that whiffs of sponsorship deal) quite honestly who in the right mind would pass up that opportunity. Certainly not Dua it seems!

We cannot lie, the video is a beaut of a mini movie and the song sounds as fresh as the first time we heard it.

Call it a new beginning of something. 2017 the year Dua Lipa mania sounds rather apt in our opinion.