It’s so good to have some all new MNEK tuneage show up!

Not that the pop prodigy is ever too far away from the full throttle of things, be it collaborating with other acts, by way of lending his writing skills (as in his part of “Hold Up” on Beyonce’s “Lemonade”) or turning his adept hands to production duties (as in MØ’s “Final Song”).

The might in MNEK’s collaboration with Zara Larsson on “Never Forget You” earned both rising stars a fair weight of recognition. Well let’s be honest it was on a collision course of mainstream going into dance-crossover done right which saw it creating such a phenomenal impact last year.

Thankfully MNEK’s found time to go in alone and fire up a new single release of his own making, this coming through a short time ago in the characteristically soulful, dance bop assisted cut of “At Night” (I Think About You).

Be it that the track wavered a Soundcloud stream over other streaming services on release, it didn’t find its way to the pages of EQ, but now it has been furnished with a video, we have our turn at waxing lyrical of its funkalicious, soul soaked presence and more.

Showcasing even more of MNEK’s growth as an artist, “At Night” (I Think About You) presents one of the fullest measures of dance-pop bangerdom that we have seen MNEK enter into on his own accord, from everything carried of that slick velveteen vocal to all the dynamically emotive nuances throughout MNEK’s grip of command here is unparalleled to anything he has put out of before. Let’s think on it a quick minute before moving on, as there has been an extensive catalogue of supreme pop offerings previous to this.

The visual treatment is wholly representative of the song, depicting a selection of people taken over by the grasp of insomnia. Whilst, sending their overactive thinking into overdrive with the nightmarish state of restlessness ceasing control of their night-time sleeping pattern, showing up like a unwanted companion in the bedroom, that for this night in question at least, they cannot close the door or turn the light out on.

We’ve all been there I’m sure, we’ve all had one of these nights when the brain will just not shut down. Now the next time, for myself at least when I’m caught out by the sandman not paying me a visit as my tired head hits the pillow, I suspect that MNEK’s “At Night” (I Think About You) might all too probably factor in an appearance echoing it’s silky smooth strains whilst I regretfully lie awake dazed in a beyond sleepy stupor.

Strike that! Actually I’d rather be quite welcoming to MNEK’s soothing tones guiding me back to the land of sweet dreams, as this is surely where I’d be taken off to by a vocal so smooth.