MNEK has unleashed the video for latest single “Paradise“. It is a stunning piece of visual art conveying a very poignant concept and social message, yet the Grammy nominated singer/producer doesn’t feature in it at all.

The Ciaran Lyons directed video addresses issues which are gritty and bold and far removed from the buoyant nature of the Ultra Nate sampled track. It’s a total flip reverse.

At first, the graphic art is great to look at, but as we follow the footsteps made by a young man, there is a shift and the mood changes. The man’s journey takes us through a graphic art fantasy styled landscape of pyramids, palm trees and obelisks. When the night falls on the idyllic landscape, we become aware that even paradise has a dark side to it. From hues of pink to red, the twist comes with reference to brutality against people of colour.

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