I wasn’t sure that we would be able to update the “This Beat Is Poptronik” playlist this month. The reason being, I spent half of September, (away from blogging) taking some much needed annual leave. There hasn’t been any shortage of electronic, pop, or indie music releases, though. Our inboxes have been stacked with press releases, submissions and new music tips, which I have been happy to power through. While sharing as many relevant tracks on the blog as I possibly could. I give myself a self-congratulatory pat on the back at turning the situation around, with posting up enough new music just in the nick of time to compile the October 2020 update after all.

Who is featured…?

Sazzie (“London Town”) and Matt J. Cardy (“Restart”) are both independent artists we have supported for many years on EQ. We are super happy to give Sazzie the opening slot for October 2020 with “London Town” because listening to her peppy pop tracks always brightens up our day.

Kylie, Sam Smith, Lady Gaga and New Order as you might have suspected have also made the grade.

This month, oldies but goodies come from PHIXX – (because when did we last have a good boy band to write about!) Kelly Osbourne (we were always more about watching “The Osbournes” than ever “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”) and Le sigh… Nick Kamen (no explanation needed.) If Nick was your man crush also, a box set “The Complete Collection” was recently released on Cherry Red Records. (We beat you to the checkout first!)

Who you should have on your radar:

I didn’t file ANY emerging artists posts through September, there was too much elsewhere to catch-up on. Instead, I had a lot of album previews sent over, and I only managed to review one on the blog. All MUST-listen albums in my opinion.

REVIEWEDPRIZM – “All Night” (title track appears on the playlist)

“Strangers/Lovers” by DAGNY (“It’s Only A Heartbreak” – features on the playlist.)

Must give a shout out to the brilliant Bright Light Bright Light album – “Fun City.” Regardless of NOT appearing on the playlist this month. (Bright Light Bright Light has been featured most other months – (see the playlist archive) Regrettably, the release happened whilst I was away.

The much anticipated Tom Aspaul album “Black Country Disco” arrived. I said it was “like a candy store of disco-pop treats, where every track is a favourite.” (“01902” has been playlisted)

Updates on tracks featured on this playlist:

The timely and heartfelt Isaac Dunbar track “miss america” is updated with a video

Mura Masa has remixed “GO FAST BABY” by RaissaCHARLI XCX fans will GO WILD for this mix

Please DO go and explore the October 2020 playlist and discover a new favourite track and/or artist for yourself.

We’ll update you again on “This Beat Is Poptronik” news sometime soon.

Now that’s what I call electronic pop!

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