Even, before ploughing through two weeks worth of blog submissions since taking some much needed annual leave. Lady Gaga showing up in my inbox, with a video for “911” from her recent album “Chromatica.” Means that the singer has earned her place as a pop emergency, even before I begin compiling, a must cover short-list. To be fair, Gaga or Madonna have the power to upstage just about anyone. (So, those who have written in, to me during the past 14 days, please do take heart!)

911” takes up its place as the third visual instalment spawned from “Chromatica.” Following the futuristic styled visuals for “Stupid Love” and interstellar disco-themed footage in support of “Rain On Me.” There may still be a viral health pandemic on-going. However, Stefani Germanotta or her popstar alias Lady Gaga does not give half-measures, ever. Tarsem (director – En Vogue “Hold On” and “Losing My Religion” by REM) and Gaga created an exclusive visual experience which will air only on LG OLED TVs. The film takes Tarsem’s use of vibrant colours and dramatic blacks to the next level. Yes, what has been put out on YouTube/Vevo for full public viewing, acts as a trailer for a much longer film which is available only to those who happen to own one of the aforementioned, TV sets. (Whatever adversity strikes Gaga the savvy business-woman head remains intact.)

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Do I like this music video? Well, yes, I do. I am digging the styling more this era and the electronic vibes the “Chromatica” album emits. The narratives punch with incredible openness and vulnerability. The video clip is awash with symbolic references, all the little monsters will feel the emotional bond with their mother monster. (They’ve, heard the stories but seeing them being relived albeit in an artful, way, is bound to cut deep. We must at all times remember making “Chromatica” has been therapy for Gaga. There is a rainbow ending but its not “911.”

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