It is here! “All Night” the debut album from Dallas duo retro-pop duo PRIZM has landed on DSP’s in time for the long labor day, holiday weekend (USA.) When I say, Krisluv and Danni James served. They have really, served, an impressive debut with their first long-player collection of tracks. Having, several single releases under their belts to date, acclaim and praise for these ladies keeps-on rolling in. All the compliments the duo have received are well-founded and come as a result of the ladies having, an intuitive understanding of their craft. I can categorically state. I haven’t seen one bad word written about them.

During recent months we have enjoyed the vibrant synth vibes of the album title track “All Night,” and follow-up releases “You Should Know” and “Can’t Bring Me Down.” Similarly, as the album does, these tracks have provided a joyous wall of retro-sounds and styles to escape in. “All Night” the album, spans a total of twelve tracks. Each and every one of these offerings is a danceable delight of shimmering synths. Where the 80s merging into the 90s pop sensibilities alludes to more neon brightness than you’ll see on the sunset strip.

The album’s overall production is overseen by Geoffrey Daniel Rockwell. But the composition mastery Danni and Krisluv have contributed is impressively top-notch, to begin with. These ladies show prowess in all areas. Going forward, I maybe would like to hear PRIZM sing about something more than love and relationships. In the context of “All Night,” these themes and the lyricism works like a charm. I am not worried, though, as I believe the duo are aware of the need to bring in new dynamics. And have started allowing new shapes into their sparkly pop sphere. As on the release, more mellow sounds are found dotted in among the boldest of upbeat offerings. Good examples of PRIZM’s dreamier stylings appearing on “Disco Biscuit,” “Closer” and closer “Illuminate.”

As two ladies who had never heard of retrowave, or synthwave before working with producer Geoffrey Rockwell. While they began establishing themselves as PRIZM. They sure caught up at breakneck speed. Proving themselves as talented synth-smiths and vocalists, but most importantly of all, as first-rate musicians.

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