Who knew there would be such, a stunning, amount of seriously, good music released during September. (And, which I have set about catching-up with because of taking a short holiday). I wanted to share “Time Machine” the latest Elliphant single before I got stuck into the fresh pile of music offerings October will bring forth.

Since releasing her album “Living Life Golden” in 2016, the Swedish singer/MC slid off of my radar a bit. (Not because of being a Dr Luke protege.) The thick dancehall elements which were bled into the music not always being to my taste. Recently she came back with a sound more authentic, ever than to that she had previously tapped into. Motherhood, I suspect, playing a key attributable factor in the new path of music the singer has made. That said, her new life role isn’t likely to stop her from going against the grain. Sharing a track celebrating her “Uterus” as a comeback track wasn’t a listen for everyone. Coming from a circle of life perspective. Backing it up with the nostalgia gravitated reminisce of “Time Machine” feels sensical when noting the Swedish singer-songwriting is setting up her next full-length album.

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The arrival of “Time Machine” harks back to simpler times. Hanging out with friends, not just in the past tense. By forming a different meaning of time machine. Whenever friend circles re-group, it’s like time has stopped, regardless of whatever else has been happening. The feeling is you’re back with your chosen family. Except, not much of this has happened in 2020 of course. In keeping with her look back at previous times, Elliphant sets the tone of the track to an 80s gravitated electronic pop backdrop. The style, not only offers cohesion but also shares glimpses of optimism, that as with styles of music, they are never lost forever. More like they are stored away for safekeeping to be brought out when we are in most need of remembering the happy times which shaped us.

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