As a proud LGBTQ+ artist, Bentley Jones‘ music is a bold celebration of resilience, individuality and acceptance that embraces the topics of love, sexuality, gender and the discrimination he’s faced from the music industry – all set to melodies that soar above refined, electronic-infused productions that have become synonymous with Bentley’s sound.

In his brand new music video for Métemela (Ay Papi) we see the singer and his troupe of neon-green choreographed bandits working overtime muscle worshiping the papi of their dreams.

Can’t say we blame them to be honest…

When asked about the music video, Bentley told us…

“Métemela was one of the hardest videos I’ve ever done – not only was it quite challenging stiletto choreography, but we all had to perform it either in a freezing cold water fountain, or on a dirt floor in a barn! It was a lot of fun though, and my fellow performers did an incredible job. The final edit is incredibly dynamic, and I really enjoyed working with Matthew to make his vision come to life.”

Bentley’s collaborator Matthew Lambden has previously worked with the likes of Jake Shears, Sony, BBC, MTV and MAC Cosmetics.

Need a sexy little diddy to get your papi in the mood on your next Grindr hookup?

Just say “Hey Alexa, play Ay Papi by Bentley Jones”